ePub - MVC Applies to JavaScript - Released

MVC applies to JavaScript

Glad to announce that Developer.press released my first ePub: ‘MVC applies to JavaScript’. The ebook is about integrating the MVC pattern into JavaScript development. It presents a pragmatic approach on how you can develop a client-side application using this pattern. Real code is possibly the best way to explain the advantages of using a design pattern and this book shows a comparison of the code needed to build a sample application adopting and not adopting MVC.

Backbone.js, one of the most popular MVC/MV* frameworks, it is also brought as term of comparison. The sample application mentioned previously is built using Backbone.js to show how the use of a framework can help and speed up your development process. Client-side applications are becoming larger and larger and having a pattern to use as a guideline can definitely be very advantageous for producing maintainable and scalable applications.

The book is available on Amazon and on Itunes for less than $2.